Perth Adult and Teen Therapy Support

We support adults and teens who identify as neurodiverse to navigate the adult landscape. We aim to faciliate an environment that allows the person to thrive.

Individualised support to facilitate you achieving your outcomes. Support can be provided at home or in the community. It’s about what works best for you!

Support for those who support. Enquire about our training services to help you support your loved one.

We always welcome third party referrals. You can complete a referral to services here.


Therapy intervention is a way of supporting you to build your skills to be confident in the world around you.

There is no one size that we expect you to fit - therapy supports are and always will be individualised. For some people, this might mean developing skills to brush your teeth daily. For others, it's overcoming thought patterns to nail a job interview. We get to know you before we provide intervention.

Our Services


Having support around employment can reduce the stress of workplace skill development.

PATTS can provide supports to help develop employment skills to attain and maintain employment. We can work with you directly or (with consent) with a workplace or other stakeholders.

Our Services

Plan and Self Managed NDIA

We are currently an unregistered NDIA provider

This means we are only able to take on participants with Plan or Self-Managed funding. If you need more information about how to access our services through NDIA, please get in touch.

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We are not a crisis support - in these circumstances please contact emergency services.